Sarah-Jean Smith

Marketing & Art Director

Born and raised in Southern California, Sarah-Jean received her B.A. in Design and Visual Communications from the University of California, Davis. While studying at Davis, she won the prestigious Enrichment Award from the American Institute of Graphic Design.

After graduating, Sarah-Jean began working as a designer right away. From designing for fashion brands to creating compelling work at advertising and design agencies, Sarah-Jean possesses diverse experience.

Ms. Smith is as talented in marketing as she is as in the field of design. In 2013, she took over the marketing department at MDX, where she both strategizes and expertly translates bold ideas into remarkable images. Her current role requires excellent leadership abilities and an even amount of designing and marketing skills.

She combines her love of social media, illustration and design to plan events, curate content, and dream up new ideas – all with the ultimate goal of building MDX’s diverse family of brands.