Nina Santos

Inland Empire

I was working as a licensed Cosmetologist when I first bought Sebamed for my son. One day, I casually mentioned the purchase in the salon I was working at, and it just so happened that the Esthetician there was an Area Manager! That random connection eventually led to me being hired and I’m so happy I made the career change. I am a true believer in our product; selling something that is changing people’s lives also makes my job so much easier.  As soon as I explain how Sebamed works and what it does, people want it – it sells itself!

I Really Love…

– Watching movies (without being interrupted by one of my five kids!)

– Going out to eat with my husband

– Fishing and hanging out at the beach with my family

…And Someday I Want to:

Own my own house and get Sebamed into every other house in the U.S. I’d also love to help get our products into more dermatologists’ offices.

My Fave Sebamed Product?

The Liquid Face & Body Wash. It changed my son’s life. Now he doesn’t have to suffer from his skin condition, and I’m a Regional Manager – all because of this product.