Christina “JoJo” Duran

Los Angeles

I’m a wife, homemaker and mother of three beautiful young women. Many years ago, I developed psoriasis due to stress. I was working as a vendor at Costco at the time and that’s when I first encountered Sebamed and tried the samples. I used the products and started to see a huge difference in my skin and psoriasis right away. Immediately, I knew I was meant to sell the most wonderful products I’d ever used, so when MDX offered me a job, I accepted the offer.

I enjoy working for MDX Global because I feel like I’m a part of a family that lets me interact with and educate everyone I meet. People need to understand exactly how important it is to use healthy products in today’s society and saturated market.

I Really Love…

Going to Dodgers and Lakers’ games with our season tickets

Enjoying good music and food

Being with my family and friends

…And Someday I Want to:

Stay healthy and happy. And make sure my loved ones are, too!

My Fave Sebamed Product?

The Q10 Protection Cream and Liquid Face & Body Wash. I can’t live without them!