Dory Ahearn


I was first introduced to Sebamed by an acquaintance that worked for MDX Global. She told me that Sebamed has the best body lotion ever and then gave me some samples to prove it. I absolutely loved the products and was truly amazed that my skin felt so clean, soft and refreshed after using them – and without parabens! Sebamed also helped my son’s eczema, so I wanted to share my passion for and educate others about the products’ benefits. I’m so happy that I help to represent the most admired skincare brand in the world!

I Really Love…

– Spending time with family and friends

– Caring for my home (especially gardening!) and pets

– Staying active in my church

…And Someday I Want to:

Hit the lottery while I’m living a happy, healthy life!

My Fave Sebamed Product?

Our Olive Face & Body Wash because its great for my delicate skin and my grandchildren love it!

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