Dawne Barnes


Sales was one of those things that always came naturally to me, which is why I’ve being doing it for most of my life. In fact, when I was in kindergarten, I started my first (and very short-lived) business selling little pieces of smoothed glass that I found in my neighborhood!

I first began selling Sebamed for MDX Global after I bought the products myself in Costco. I was hooked when I saw what a difference the products made for me and my son’s eczema. I initially started selling Sebamed part time, but when the road show management position opened up in Oahu, I was more than ready to make the permanent career change.

I Really Love…
– Hanging out with my son, Shahar, who never ceases to amaze me
– Laying out on the beach, soaking in the sun and doing water sports
– Traveling and experiencing new cultures
…And Someday I Want to:

Continue spreading the word about Sebamed and reach as many people on the island as I can. I want to continue the healing that started me in this business in the first place.

My Fave Sebamed Product?

I can’t pick just one. I love that Sebamed not only beautifies the skin, but heals it, too. It warms my heart to hear all of my customers’ success stories when they come to thank me for introducing them to Sebamed.

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