Clarissa Parrott

Dallas Market Manager

I was a Sebamed customer for years and loved the products. I met a rep at the Costco in Wichita, KS. We talked for a few days about the possibility of me joining the team and I was really excited about the possibility. I wanted to help people in their daily lives and provide them with products that I personally use and believe in. My favorite part of working for MDX Global is getting to see the happiness on my customers’ faces when they come back six months after I initially offered them our products. It gives me great satisfaction knowing that I’ve helped to enrich their lives.

I Really Love…

– Cooking

– Working out

– Traveling with my fiancé

…And Someday I Want to:

Live overseas or travel the world.

My Fave Sebamed Product?

I’m a huge fan of the Q10 Lifting Eye Cream. I use it every morning and at night, too!

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